A Father’s Promise to His Son

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This article is dedicated to my son Evan who I love beyond measures. And for all you dads out there. So let’s get started.

The day you were born Evan my once lost life found a purpose.

I remember patiently but anxiously waiting with your mother for your arrival at the hospital.

Eight hours or so later you finally made your appearance. Seven pounds, 10 ounces and 20 inches of pure love and joy.

You peaked your long cone-shaped head out into this earth and it instantly hit me.

Something they only talk about in fairly tales and love stories,


As you entered this beautiful planet on November 20th 2009 I will never forget what I said ” Where’s his face!?”

Your EXTREMELY long cone-shaped head scared me son. That was the first time you scared me and most certainly will not be the last.

That day as I held you in my arms, tears filled in my eyes, I made a promise.

A promise to myself, a promise to your mother, but most importantly a promise to you. 

I promised that no matter what it takes, no matter the measures, that I will not fail you son.

That I will guide you and teach you how to live humbly and to love and respect others.

That I will teach you what took me all my years of living to learn so that you will have a heads up on this game we call life.

I gave you my word that I will NEVER quit and I will be the best damn role model that I am capable of being, so that one day when you yourself have children you will know where to start.

This promise gains strength daily son and it will continue to do so throughout eternity.

As I’ve been writing, working with my new business partner, and just exploring this whole new world of technology and social media, I will admit we have came across a few bumps in the road. And I also understand that the future probably holds even bigger obstacles.

But I will not let that stop me son.

This dad made a promise.

This whole blogging, creating Youtube videos and marketing myself to thousands of people is all new to me son.

I’ve been doing my absolute best to do all this in my free time to be sure I’m not robbing us of our time together, even though I am doing this for you and our future.

As you have grown throughout the years into this beautiful, smart, athletic, humble young boy, I have never been so proud of anything throughout my life.

But this is just the beginning son.

The beginning of a long, beautiful, bumpy journey that I’m extremely honored and blessed to be a part of.

The beginning of you developing into a man and the continuance of me withholding my promise.

I promise you Evan I WILL NOT FAIL YOU.

I love you more than anything in this world son and I would give my life for yours without a blink of an eye.

Now for all you dads out there.

Lets be and continue to be positive role models for our children. They are not only our children but they are the future of our world.

Lets teach and walk with our kids so they have a head start in this game of life.

Lets prove to them that they can become whatever their heart desires with a little hard work, a clear mind, and some patience.

Lets show them how it is done.

Humbly written by Chris McDaniel



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2 thoughts on “A Father’s Promise to His Son
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    Sarah Conn

    Well said. You’re an inspiration. We need more men to step up and be dads. ain’t easy but with these blessings we deserve to give them our all

    • Avatar

      Humbly Helping

      Thank you beautiful sister. You are an inspiration yourself. I look up you even though I’m just a smudge older ☺️

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