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Insecurities suck. Plain and simple. But instead of beating yourself up about them, lets instead, EMBRACE them.

Here’s a list of my insecurities……..

I am insecure about others people judgement against myself.

I am insecure about not being good enough.

I am insecure about my stubborn lower belly fat (thanks margaritas and queso.)

I am insecure about sometimes speaking up and saying the wrong or stupid things.

I am insecure about the wrinkles around my eyes.

I am insecure about sharing my feelings sometimes.

I am insecure about this damn cold sore on my upper lip that likes to pop up every 6 months or so (once again, thanks margaritas.)

I am insecure about getting negative reviews on my social sites.

I am insecure about my financial situation. My spending habits are horrible.

I am insecure about the way I think sometimes.

I am insecure when it comes to building things. I hit my thumb on the hammer every damn time.

These are most of my insecurities. I’m sure I forgot a few but that’s not the message I’m trying to send here. It is simply this……


It doesn’t matter what people you don’t know think about you, because guess what? They will be thinking about something else within the next 10 seconds anyways. Instead of beating yourself up about your insecurities, EMBRACE THEM because they are you and that’s what makes you beautiful. And better yet, whatever your insecurity is understand this….

That YOU have the power WITHIN YOURSELF to change it. It’s a win win.

Make a goal, commit yourself, and most importantly, be patient and compassionate while you do it. All we have in this life is the present moment so EMBRACE it, and smile while you do it. Tell the big guy in the sky thank you for another beautiful day.

So I leave you with this………

What are your insecurities?

Humbly written by Chris McDaniel.


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