Living With Purpose, Breath, Focus and Act

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Living With Purpose, Breath, Focus and Act
John F. Kennedy said, “Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”Living With Purpose requires effort. It is attainable. Taking a deep breath, focusing and allowing the manifestation of your thoughts to take hold in your mind over time is essential to purposeful living.

We hear people telling others to take a deep breath. This usually means calm down. Taking a deep breath at the beginning of the day and throughout the day with a purposeful focus on breathing in and out slowly definitely helps. When you take a deep breath it tells the neurons in your brain to relax and slow down. This is using the art of mindfulness. Taking several deep breaths helps you focus and keeps your attention on the goal you wish to achieve. It doesn’t happen immediately, but practice makes perfect.

Focus! Focus! Focus! Teachers, business leaders, scientist say it. But, what does focus mean when everyone uses this word. It means you start out with 30 seconds eliminating all distractions and while breathing slowing controlling what comes to your mind. Eventually, your seconds turn into minutes, 10, 15 or 30 minutes. Your ability to capture your thoughts, and visualize what you hope to accomplish materializes in your affirmed dream.

Finally, Living With Purpose requires the deep breaths and training your mind and body to focus. However, it also requires setting goals, taking advantage of opportunities and active involvement in making your dream come true. Set attainable goals. It’s okay to fail that’s part of the journey. But, don’t ignore barriers. For example, if it’s always been your dream to paint a striking, memorable piece of art which will become a classic piece of art, it’s time to examine yourself. If you want to draw or paint, take a class. Learn the basics. Setting realistic goals helps you in the short and long terms. This is part of mindful, purposeful living.

Next, see opportunities in the people you meet, or situations you find yourself. The opportunity for learning is always available to us. Opportunities come in different scenarios, messengers, shapes, and sizes. Just a casual conversation opens your mind or introduces a new thought.

Last, do the work. Go to lectures, take a class, or read books. This helps give you facts which means your goals are close at hand. Be adventurous and stretch your brain. Every time you hide away in your comfortable place step out. Learn something thing new. As long as the direction is positive and expanding your mind, your journey for purpose continues. Stay in a state of mindfulness. Remain conscious of your goals. Keep your mind on what goals you’re trying to reach.

Living With Purpose is essential to contentment with your life and conclusions for each project you wish to achieve. Reassure yourself consistently that you’re on the right track.

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