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I’ve always enjoyed putting others in front of myself. I think we all do. I mean, being selfish is not exactly a great trait to have. Nobody likes a selfish asshole.

But there comes a time in every persons life when you have to focus on yourself. After all, how can you help or give decent advice if you’re not level headed yourself.

This time came to me after I became single for the first time since I was 16 years old.

Being a 33yr old man and spending hours on Bumble and even Tinder (eeeek), sorry tinder fans, wasn’t exactly loving myself.

I mean, every given opportunity I had I found myself buried in my I phone praying some pretty lady liked my profile.

Maybe I needed this. Maybe I didn’t. But it happened and I don’t regret a second of it (except when my buddies would grab my phone and swipe right continuously and every he-she in the Houston area would hit me up).

Finally I had enough of this nonsense and decided to do me. I began noticing things very quickly. I enjoyed playing chess. I enjoyed reading. I enjoyed educational and motivational podcasts. Somehow this ex-jock was turning into a nerd. And I liked it.

I stopped looking for acceptance from my co-workers, friends, the opposite sex and people I didn’t even know and looked elsewhere.

I looked within.

Taking the time to figure out who you are as a human being is crucial for your own happiness and success. Whatever you are interested in is unique to your own individualism and by god embrace it.

If you want to be a painter but can barely draw stick figures like myself then who gives a shit. Challenge yourself to learn a new trait and do whatever you have to do in order to become a successful painter, and have the time of your life while you’re doing it.

Whether you want to be a teacher, a dancer (even the one involving a pole), an athlete, a musician, whatever the hell you want to be, you have the power within yourself to become who you truly are. The great Warren Buffet once said, “The greatest investment you can make in life is to invest in yourself.”

Ask yourself this. What am I capable of? Really think about that for a second. What are you capable of accomplishing?

I love asking myself this question because I don’t know the freaking answer and it excites the shit out of me. And I’ll be damned if I cheat myself by settling, being lazy, or even worse, caring about what other people think, and never knowing what I’m fully capable of.

You owe it to yourself to follow your dreams. After all, we only have one life. Take a chance to live the life you were truly meant to live.

Remember this; when you do what you love, it is no longer work.

Now whisper this to yourself, tell this to yourself in your mind, or better yet, go to the highest mountain you can find and scream “I LOVE MYSELF!”

Now, go love others.

Humbly written by Chris McDaniel



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