Change The Way You See The World | True Mindfulness

Change The Way You See The World | True Mindfulness
Suppose you’re travelling to see a friend who’s become very ill. You’ve just barely made it to the station and you’re now running to catch the train before it departs. You turn a corner and come crashing into someone pushing a cart of luggage, sending both of you and all the luggage to the ground. You get up and help the other person up and politely excuse yourself after helping out a bit. The other person is kind and understanding and tells you to go catch your train. You make it onto the platform and find your train. The attendant lets you on just as the train begins to take off. You made it!

Now, you would think that in this situation you’d be pretty mindful and in the moment. Your adrenaline is rushing and you’re hyper aware, and even though you crashed you were still mindful enough to help someone else out. But, being in the moment isn’t the same as true mindfulness. In fact, it is another state altogether, a state of survival. You have to be aware and living in the moment to survive. Most of us haven’t begun to think beyond survival to consider other dimensions of reality.

True mindfulness is about thriving in a state of awareness, compassion and empathy. Of course, you have to be present to be in this state, but the other passenger is actually closer to this state of mindfulness in our story. This person can see immediately our perspective and our urgency to make our train. They are truly seeing things as if they were in our shoes. Now, it’s true we also had compassion and helped a bit before excusing ourselves, but we weren’t really aware or compassionate of the other passenger’s situation. They could have been coming off a previous train or they could have been trying to catch the same train! We were too caught up in surviving to have real compassion and be in a state of mindfulness. We were in a psychological state of the mind. The other passenger was in a state of conscience. To know the difference between awareness and consciousness, you must first figure out who is aware of your awareness. Hint: It isn’t the ego. True mindfulness is the awareness that we are all connected. This awareness allows true compassion and empathy to come as naturally as taking a breath.

With true mindfulness your perspective and perception on everything changes and you begin to see a new world around you. Or rather, you begin to see the world around you in a new way. With compassion and empathy so many of life’s struggles and suffering can be put into proper perspective. Would we really be fighting over everything if we could all reach the state of true mindfulness and change the way we we see the world?


Knowing Is Different Then Just Having Faith

Knowing Is Different Then Just Having Faith
The most powerful feature of the human body is the mind. What a person thinks can influence their position on any matter. People think about their past, present, and future, and still are unable to devise a plan for a attaining any goals that they set for themselves. The past may make them fear the present, and the present will have them looking to fail in the future. How a person thinks will often times give them a bleak outlook on life. Strong believers are aware that with having faith everything will be alright, but because of what they are thinking, they are afraid to step out on that faith.

Show discern

Some people have the power to set right many of the wrongs that take place in the lives of others. If they are told a secret by family or friend, they feel as though they are obligated to keep that secret even though it may prevent something harmful from taking place. The average person has a clear understanding of right and wrong. Knowing something that may be dishonest, and you promised to keep it secretive may put you and others in a dangerous situation. You continue to thrive on your faith, but knowing something that is discerning can very well start your mind to having thoughts that you want to convince you that you are doing the right thing.

Know that faith will help you succeed

Sometimes, it is not good to let the mind control every aspect of your life especially when you know that some things could lead to detrimental outcomes. Don’t allow your thinking to set you up for failure. You have the credentials to do whatever it is that you desire. Before you can get started on your planned goals, you have already convinced yourself that you will be a failure without giving yourself a chance. When you have constant doubts, it is all because of the power of the mind. Success comes from trying and doing. It will also come with a change in the way that you think. If you have not reached the point in life that you wanted to attain, then it is time to do some mind changing.

Let the most powerful tool that you have work for you, and not always negatively. Keep your faith, but knowing is also a vital tool. It is different than just having faith because you want to do more than believe and hope that things will happen. You want to have facts, and know what the possibilities may be. Being in the know can take you as far as you let it, but the knowledge of what you perceive, and think, has to be accurate. Having faith is a essential tool, but you need to know, and this depends on how you allow the mind to work.

With All That Mind Power: Living At Peace

Use Your Mind to Your Advantage

The mind is a powerful thing. Mind power can help you to envision your goals as well as to achieve your goals. Your mind can also help you to stay in a positive mood and to have the drive to get things done such as a big project.

We live in a reality that is made up of vibrations of energy, and our thoughts are even vibrations of energy. Most of us don’t really think about thinking. It is as natural as breathing and is even taken for granted, but when used the right way, you can use your thoughts to achieve great things.

Mind power is all about…..

pouring all of your thoughts into one goal in order to get the outcome that you want. If you focus on success, you will be able to achieve success. If you are too focused on failure, you are essentially setting yourself up for failure. It is important to understand this concept so that you can put your mind power to work for you. The main creative forces in your life are your thoughts, and you can use them to gain opportunity and power over your life.

In order to make your thoughts work for you in a positive way, it is very important to change the way that you are currently thinking. If you are not where you want to be in your life at the moment, it could simply be the way that you are thinking. It seems like a pretty straightforward and simple concept but putting it into work is harder than you may expect. Your body is already thinking a certain way, so you will need to change your current way of thinking your thoughts. There is no room for both negative and positive thoughts because one will naturally dominate the other.

In order to change what is happening around you, you need to change your way of thinking. Most people will try to change their surroundings, but the first step should always be with the way that you do your thinking. You need to train your mind to think thoughts of whatever it is that you want to achieve such as health, success, happiness, and prosperity. You need to fill your mind with positive thoughts so that there is no room for the negative ones.

Set the bar high and have an expectation for the best. Your subconscious mind is like a second mind that most people do not utilize. It is like a magnet for thoughts so whatever you are thinking in your conscious and will get attracted to your subconscious mind and will continue to play out kind of like a movie in the background. You want your subconscious thoughts to be replaying positive affirmations, and in order to do this, you need to be consciously thinking positive thoughts. The more that you exercise “good” thoughts, the easier it will become to think positive thoughts every day. You need to develop your good thoughts muscle.

If You Knew the Truth

If You Knew the Truth


There is an old saying stating that the truth will set you free. Our world is full of lies and being a truthful individual would allow you to live your life better without keeping any secrets. However, one should be mindful of the things that they say and aware of other’s feelings. Try to look at the situation and determine if the facts should be told, or if it should be hidden. Information can change a lot of things and it can make or break any type of relationship. Be cautious when you want to speak the truth and see if the sacrifice is worth it. If you know the facts, determine its effects, and see if the pros are greater than the cons.

How Would You Knew if the Information is Truthful?

It is difficult to know genuineness behind what someone is saying. It can be even harder to find the evidence you need to prove something. There can be countless debates, investigations, research done to figure out the truth. In the end with a little hard work and determination, you will eventually find out that truth. People are having an issue knowing the difference between facts and lies. However, if someone would concentrate and look at the facts, they could eventually find out the truth. People who are seeking facts should be cautious, because most of the time, what they are expecting is not what the truth really is. It could leave them with more questions, asking if the facts that they heard or discovered are genuine. There will be confusion at first, but people must learn how to deal with it.

What to do if You Knew the Truth and the Facts?

Secrets are considered as truths that only a few people knew about it. However, there are times when secrets are revealed, and the facts behind those secrets could change someone’s life forever. If you found out a secret about someone, try to hide it at first, and never try to spread it without any shreds of evidence. You should also assess the situation, and go to the source if possible. If the secret would result in broken families, or more enemies on your end, try to weigh it out and see if the risk is worth it. If the risk is not working it, try to conceal the facts for a while, and let time unleash it.

What Will Happen to You if you Knew the Facts?

Knowing facts has a lot of consequences, both for the person who knew about it and those who are involved. If the facts originated from your side, especially secrets, and you decided to share it, people who are involved in the story might start feeling aloof to deal with you. If the information that you knew is sensitive information about a crime, it might cost your life, and staying silent would be the best idea. You will now be required to choose a side – would you choose to hide the secret or the facts that you knew about, or would you be brave enough to tell the world about this truth?



Mindfulness and the Search for Truth

Mindfulness and the Search for Truth

In order to stay a happy and content in life, it is essential that you can achieve a state of mindfulness. It would provide you with an insight that would help you understand the deeper meaning of life. Even though mindfulness is a technique that is commonly used in therapy, it can help you achieve a better and more balanced life. Some of the tips that would help you achieve content and mindful lifestyle are as follows –

Don’t Burden Yourself With Expectations

It is essential that you set goals in life and go all guns firing to achieve it. However, it is also essential that you don’t miss out on living life in your pursuit to achieve your goals. Overburdening yourself with the goals would take away your mental peace and would also increase the stress in life. The important things in life are overlapped when you burden yourself with the goals. It is best to accept your limitations to stop burdening yourself with impractical expectations.

Accept Failures and Reality As It Is

Everyone faces failure sooner or later in life, but you should not be so harsh on yourself for it. Accept failures gracefully, learn from your mistakes, and move on. Adapting to the situation and correcting your mistakes would help you decide a better course of action going forward.

Learn From New Experiences

It is always a good idea to experience new things and explore new opportunities. It would help you learn from new experiences, but make sure that you never let your guard down. Exploring new opportunities as well as being open to new experiences would help you improve your lifestyle and enhance your overall well-being. Not only would it expand your network and make you meet new people, but it would also provide you with a better understanding of life.

Stay Away From Distractions

For overall well-being and developing your personality, it is essential that you stay away from unnecessary distractions. These distractions include addictions like alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs. Also, stay away from negativity and negative people. Make sure that you are surrounded by positive people as it would help you focus on building your life in the right way and move ahead in the right direction. Negative people would do exactly the opposite and would pull you back every step you move ahead.

Be Grateful and Full of Gratitude

Always be thankful for the life you have, the people you have in it and the things you own. An attitude of gratitude shows that you understand the value of life and can make the most of every moment. Whether you are going through a good time or a bad time, having a sense of gratitude would give you strength to determine a better course of life going forward. When you are grateful towards others and thankful for the people you have in your life, it will help you imbibe positive in life as well.


Spending time on yourself and exercising, practicing Yoga, and meditating are essential components to achieve mindfulness. It would provide you with the sense of clarity in life and help you focus on important things in life without feeling cluttered or distracted.

Stay Focused

Always stay focused on your goal and maintain a routine in life religiously. It would help you improve your lifestyle, respect others, make priorities, and help others as well at the same time. Have a plan, and stick to it always. Also, make it a habit of finishing what you started, irrespective of how much time it takes or the effort you have to put in.

These are the few tips that would help you achieve a mindful lifestyle. It would help you rediscover a new self that would empower not only you but also others around you.

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Your Real Hidden Power

Your Real Hidden Power

Remember those superhero shows as a kid that you would watch in envy and wish that you were them? They wore those awesome capes, had the best lines, and always saved the day? What all of the different superheroes have in common, despite their physical abilities, was their effective use of their hidden power. Some had awesome social skills, and so they could relate to the people they were trying to help on a much deeper level. Some were rough and aggressive, and that enabled them to be able to step in to dangerous situations fearlessly in order to help others. While these people were completely different, they were all able to recognize their power within themselves in order to achieve their personal goals.

mind power

You Have One Too, Keep Looking

Deep down in there, there is a hidden power. You may be an awesome motivator, negotiator, or salesperson. There are a ton of possibilities as to what power you have that unlocks your full potential. The trick to using it is figuring out what it is. Think back to your childhood, is there anything you specifically excelled at? Was there anything your teachers or friends specifically went to you for? Think about now. What skills do you think you have now that unlocks your passion that comes easily?


Write it Down

Are you still not sure? Is your head running in circles trying to nail down what your hidden power is? The best way to get something out is to write it down and feverishly brainstorm. Be intentional and write it down. From there if you are still having trouble, you can even brainstorm with your friends and family to see where your strengths lie.


Realize Your Potential

Having a strong mind is just as important as any other body part. Knowing that even if you do not know what it is you have to offer, but that you do have something, is crucial. Why would we all be here if that were not true? Start asking yourself the hard questions and get down to the bottom of it within yourself.


Use it

Once you know your power, use it. If you are a great negotiator, that is tool in your bag for a lifetime. Help your friends car shop, call your cable company, speak up at your next raise evaluation. You have got this. The same philosophy applies to any other skill. Figure out how it is relevant in your life in order to make it better.


Those superheroes were so fun to watch as kids because we wanted to be them. What no one tells you though, is that you are already one. Unlocking your the power inside you and using it to its fullest potential gives you an honorary cape. You will feel so empowered, confident, independent, and ready to conquer anything that comes your way. Take the time to invest in yourself to really learn about yourself. You deserve your cape.


Living With Mindfulness | NLP

Living With Mindfulness | NLP


Mindfulness is a state of being aware of your surroundings and achieving a deeper sense of understanding. This technique is mostly used for therapy. In case you are wondering how you can achieve this state for yourself, here are a few tips to help you live a mindful lifestyle.

Do not Place High Expectations on Yourself

Having goals is a very important aspect of the human lifestyle, however you should not overburden yourself with unassailable tasks because it only tends to further your frustrations. Furthermore, it stops you from attaining a peace of mind that will enable you to relax and focus on the important things in your life. Therefore, understanding your limitations will help you to perform better at tasks.

Accepting Failure and Learning to Deal with it

Failure is a common aspect in society the earlier you learn to cope with failed endeavors, the better your chances of achieving comfort. Dealing with failure means that you are able to adjust and plan a course of action that is more beneficial to you. The action should help you navigate your problems with relative ease and wisdom.

Be Open to New Experiences

Being open to new experiences does not mean that you let your guard down, instead it’s a call for you to experiment new ways of living that are beneficial to you. This scenario allows you to meet new people and charter a new course of doing things which allows you to understand people and your surroundings more.

Abstain from the Distractors in your Life

Restraining yourself from the various addictions, whether alcohol or smoking will go a long way in rebuilding yourself and discovering an inner sense of peace. Moreover, people who are always negative are bad for you; therefore, you should avoid their company. Instead, focus on building positive relationships that will create a platform for you to engage the society on another level.

Have a Semblance of Gratitude

Being grateful for the life you were given and the people around you is core to achieving inner peace. Appreciating each and every aspect of your life whether positive or negative is a pillar of determining how you will go forward with your life. Grace cannot be bought, rather its acquired and built when you exude a warm feeling and vibe around yourself.

Learn to Take Time and Meditate

Meditation is a key aspect of mindful living because it allows you to gather your thoughts. Take some time off your busy schedule and look for a quiet place with no disturbances to practice the different meditation techniques. You can also engage in a private Yoga session and consolidate your thoughts on life by releasing them to the world. Meditation provides a safe space for reflection and building up your stature to approach a new day.

Do not be Over Possessive or Controlling

You should not try to control everything that happens in your life, rather you should learn to adjust to how things shape up. People don’t like controlling individuals since they are very hard to communicate with. Thus, it’s important that you do not micromanage everything taking place in your life. Once you accept that, you will be able to compose your mind.

Stick to your Plans and Goals

Do not allow peer pressure and other people to influence the decisions you make. You should make it a priority stick to the plan you have set out for yourself. Once you do this, you’ll be able to appreciate yourself and impact other people’s lives positively.


The aforementioned tips are core tenets that can help you achieve living a mindfulness. It’s all about accepting yourself and the environment that you are in. For you to realize your full potential, it’s important that you incorporate patience and self-will to rediscover yourself. Mindful living is all about taking bold steps to better your life while empowering those around you.


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