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I decided to write a little on quantum physics because it is an extremely valuable and important topic to discuss. In my opinion the basic understanding of quantum physics is the key to the answer of the universe and the key to unlocking your true individual power locked deep within yourself. Here’s a quick crash course to help you unlock a completely different dimension of reality. The one and only, true  Reality!

What is Quantum Physics?

A simple definition is the study of the things that we can’t see, but are here, everywhere, affecting our personal reality every second of our existence.

How are you seeing this right now? With your eye balls? How are you hearing the noises in your surrounding? With your ears? How do you feel the sensations in your body? With your hands or other physical body parts? Nope!

The answer is energy, frequency and vibrations. Everything is energy, including your soul that is recognizing this very article.

The chair your sitting on, the CPU screen your reading this on, the coffee mug on your office desk. Everything in the universe, including yourself is nothing but energy filled with billions of atoms emitting waves of energy. Some call this the “Web of the Universe”. The problem here is that human beings can not see them with the 5 senses.

Why is this important?

Because you are vibrating! We just can’t see this vibration with our eye balls, but we sometimes can feel them. We call them Vibes but what it actually means is the vibrational field that is emitting from the human body, otherwise known as the Aura.

Ok cool, who gives a shit right? We’re vibrating dude, who cares? What’s the big deal?

It’s only the biggest answer to the biggest question that a person can ask themselves? Who am I?

Are you your name? Technically you didn’t pick your name and you can also legally change your name at any time you would like. People do it all the time.

Are you your job title? You’ve worked extremely hard your entire life to get where you are professionally but the truth of the matter is your company could crash or you could get fired at any given instant.

Ok, how bout your religion? Thats who you are right? You’re a christian woman or man. Or maybe you call yourself a Hindu, Buddhist, Jehova’s witness or maybe even an atheist. Thats it. Thats who I am!!!

Not even fucking close!

Your name, your job title, your religion, however you decide to label yourself is exactly that. A LABEL!

They are beliefs you as a person have been programmed by society to believe due to your personal culture and upbringing. What are beliefs? Beliefs are simply thoughts that you have told yourself over and over again to make yourself Believe something.

So what exactly are we then? Who am I and who are you?


Make sure you read, re-read and completely understand what your’e about to read. And if you feel a feeling of fear while you read this, this is due to your own personal ego trying to keep you in your comfort zone.


Did you get that?

Let me repeat this once again for the people in the back row.


Deep shit right?

Beneath all this crap that we have been brain washed to believe, we are all the same. It doesn’t matter what race, what religion, what job, what gender, whatever the hell you believe that makes you feel separate, beneath, or above another person, we are all brothers and sisters of a higher power.  In reality, we are part of this infinite power. It is not separate as we have been programmed to believe.

The reason that 99% of people may disagree with this is because their damn thoughts are playing tricks on them. Their own mind has been programmed sub-consciously by their parents, religion, culture, society or by themselves.

The fact of the matter is that we are all spirit beings living inside a fucking meat suite, taking the form of a different human being.

Trust me when I say this, that this is all new to me too. A couple years ago I believed that my own personal existence was all that mattered. I was addicted to material objects and always trying to please other people. I was addicted to keeping up with Jones’ and trying to fit in. Basically, I wasn’t thinking for myself. This all changed when I decided to change my awareness and become more mindful of what was actually going on on this planet we all live on. Especially about my own personal thoughts.

And if you don’t believe what I’m saying here do a little research for yourself. Go ahead and compare all religions throughout the world and you will find we all have this in common.

Jesus Christ himself said this in John 10:34 ” Is it not written in your laws, I said, you are gods? 

This is not an easy thing to accept and I still struggle every day with this. But as soon as you get over the pain and wake up to the fact of who and more importantly what you are, then you will begin to set yourself free. Free from fear, free from judgement, free from pain, agony and rejection. Free from anger and most importantly free from hate.

You can bet your ass that no church in the western world would dare tell you such a thing. The entire system would collapse. Think about that for a second.

How about we quit listening to people outside ourselves that want you to remain in fear and actually start listening to Jesus Christ himself.  The answer lies inside each person regardless their religion, job title or however the hell you decide to label yourself. After all, Jesus wasn’t associated with any religion, he was for you.

Luke 17:21 ” The Kingdom of God is WITHIN you.”

And the kingdom of heaven lies beneath judgement, beneath fear, beneath labels and forms . It lies underneath all that shit and it rests in your soul. It lies WITHIN YOU!

So,  here’s who we all are!


Just ask quantum psychics, Christ, Buddha, Krishna, or whoever the hell you believe in. They all tell you the same thing. We are pure, energetic, spiritual, loving entities. We have just forgotten!

Humbly written by Chris McDaniel.






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