The Greatness of Gratitude

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Being grateful and reflecting gratitude upon others is one of the best characteristics a human being can have.

Plain and simple, being grateful and projecting gratitude makes you a complete badass.

And it makes you healthy!

Check out Deb Wolf’s Blog  about all the health benefits being grateful has to offer. Just reading that alone will bring a smile to your face.

I’ve been writing in a Gratitude Journal for a few months now and I’ll tell you one thing, it’s an amazing way to start your day off.

Here’s an example of what my Gratitude Journal looks like:

I am grateful for this present moment. I know this is all we ever have and I’m truly thankful for it.

I am grateful for this amazing tasting cup of coffee. The fresh aroma from the coffee grains fill the room and it’s ever so pleasant.

I am grateful for waking up this morning and realizing that today will bring challenges, but it doesn’t matter what god puts in front of me because I know I’m going to kick its ass.

I am grateful for my family.

I am grateful for growth.

I am grateful for the pen I hold in my hand as I write entries into my gratitude journal.

I am grateful for love.

 I even say thank you to negative experiences such as:

I am grateful for my past mistakes. They have made me the man I am today and I accept the past for what it is. The past.

I am grateful for anxiety. Even though the feeling of anxiety is uncomfortable I am grateful to know its just anxiety and it’s not real.

I am grateful for fear. I see you fear and look directly into your eyes and tell you thank you for trying to protect me, but I wont let you hold me back.

I am grateful for my asshole co-workers. Putting up with you guys on a daily basis tests my patience and I grow everyday because of you’ll. Thank you asshole co-workers.

The best part of writing in a Gratitude Journal is that it is YOURS.

You can write sincerely, jokingly, however you want to write because it’s for you and its by you. And one of the best parts of doing this is looking back every few days or weeks and re-reading what you have been grateful for.

It gives you a sense of humbleness and joy.

So in conclusion, do yourself a favor and reap all the amazing benefits of being grateful and writing in a gratitude journal. It just might make you smile.

Humbly written by Chris McDaniel


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