The Harm of Judging Other People

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Passing judgement against others is morally and ethically wrong. So why in the hell can’t we stop?

There are lots of reasons for this but lets discuss how we can dramatically stop doing such an evil deed.

First of all, let’s think about this for a second.

What gives any person on this planet the right to judge someone else?

The last time I checked the only person or being out there allowed to do this is GOD.

We are nowhere close to being a god or an immortal of any kind so lets just stop it already people.

We have absolutly zero clue on what a certain individual is going through or has been through so we have no right to judge a person based on their looks or actions.

Even if we could correctly pass a judgement on a person who in their right mind would want to?

Secondly, and maybe the worst part of judging other people is that when you do this, all it really accomplishes is you giving away your god given energy to someone else.

Instead of passing judgement against another human being lets instead use this time to make ourselves smarter, healthier, and just an overall better person.

Let go of the negative energy and let’s use it for something positive. It will come back to you.

Let’s put our ego aside and focus on what really matters.

Lets focus on something that actually serves a purpose besides making someone else feel bad and provides us a false pretense of self fulfillment.

But if we can’t stop judging, if it seems like it’s impossible to stop doing this because its been a habit of humanity since ancient times then lets do this:


Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself these questions:

Am I perfect? Not even close.

Am I the “coolest” most hip person on the planet? Definently not.

Am I the smartest living being around? Ummm nope.

Do I make mistakes? Every single day!

Am I a God? Give me a break!

A few months ago when I was feeling depressed and I was angry I actually asked myself these questions.

I learned very quickly, almost instantly, that I have ZERO right to judge any other person on this planet.

Just let it go.

And guess what?

I feel better.

I am so much more relaxed and so much happier just by doing my best to do this one simple thing. And I can guarantee that you will too.

So, if you must judge somebody,     JUDGE YOURSELF!

Humbly written by Chris McDaniel



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