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The similarities between human beings and a common tree are too close to ignore. You may have heard these references before but let’s take a look again.

It is said that the universe, planet earth, and all living things are connected. Most of us are unaware or maybe don’t completely understand the complexity of this but it is true.

At the base of any tree, below the grounds beautiful soft soil, lies the trees roots. These roots, if properly planted and cared for, provide the strength and base it needs for it to grow into one of nature’s most beautiful creations.

Over time, with proper care, these roots grow longer, wider and stronger, and the tree above the soil mirrors the same.

With patience and proper nourishment the trees core begins to grow higher, stronger, and ever so vibrant.

The trees branches begin to grow longer, stronger, with more stability.

Soon their branches begin to blossom leaves, and before you know it, what was once a small delicate tree is now a vibrant, strong, stable piece of nature.

Trees even provide oxygen for us human beings to breathe and provide safety and comfort for thousands of insects and other animals (sometimes even humans.)

Us human beings, at the center of every single one of us, contain a soul (our roots).

Depending on how each one of us decides to feed our soul (roots) is our choice and provides a different outcome for each and every one of us.

What are you feeding your soul?

Speaking positive and present moment affirmations to yourself daily is key to having a proper base for strength, growth and stability over a lifetime.

Here’s what I am learning to feed my soul (roots) and maybe it can provide a little assistance for you along our journey.

  1. I am calm.
  2. I am present.
  3. I am grateful.
  4. I am strong.
  5. I am confident.
  6. I am humble.
  7. I love my family.
  8. I love my friends.
  9. I love water and healthy foods.
  10. I love Jesus.

These are some of my present moment affirmations that over time and with patience I know will provide myself and my loved ones with stability and growth.

What are yours?

As it takes years and years for a tree to completely grow and blossom, it is the same with us people.

With patience, compassion, and love comes growth and stability.

What I’m simply saying here is that if you feel stuck in a rut, or you believe you just attract bad luck, or you feel unworthy, then you have a choice.

Choose NOW and start feeding your roots with positivity, love and knowledge.

Make a decision to feed your soul properly with patience, love and compassion. Make sure you’re feeding your body with the proper nutrients and water it needs to thrive.

Make sure you’re getting adequate rest that your body, mind, and soul requires to operate properly.

You have the power within yourself to make these conscious decisions.

You have the power to feed your roots, stabilize your core, and have your life blossom into whatever you want.

How about a strong, balanced, beautiful tree?

Humbly written by Chris McDaniel



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