We are Afraid of Ourselves

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For most of my life I have been afraid. Afraid to speak up during a meeting. Afraid to ask out that pretty girl. Afraid to give my absolute best, all because I was afraid of what the outcome may be. Am I good enough? Does she like me like I like her? What if I sound stupid? Why was I actually afraid? Here’s why…………

I was afraid because I was uninformed. Uninformed about the truth of this word fear. But, the real truth is, that fear is not actually a word. Fear is a damn thought that produces a feeling of a negative emotion which keeps your body in it’s comfort zone.

The more proper term should be “the regret zone.”

So, why do most of live this way? Why do so many gifted and talented people live in fear for most of their lives and have so many regrets when they are old and grey?

Why do most people hold their tongues when they actually have a great idea or a correct answer to a solution?

Why are we all afraid to just be ourselves?

There are many many reasons for this but they all lead to the same thing………

We are afraid of ourselves, and here’s why:

  1. Judgements– Look around. All you really have to do is look and observe what is actually taking place around you most of the time. People are constantly judging others in an attempt to instantly gratify their own personal ego’s. The funny thing is, most people are not even aware that they are doing this. The problem with this childish behavior is that it is happening on a world-wide scale and we have scared the living shit out of each other in the process. We are constantly seeking approval from other people because in fact, we judge their behaviors. What we seek from the outside, we are actually creating on the inside.  It’s time to stop judging other humans. Who the hell are we to judge anyone else anyways?
  2. Thinking- Fear is just a thought, simple as that. The problem is that this thought happens so quickly, we don’t even notice it. Then follows the emotions. Here comes more thoughts. And this cycle continues until you completely psych yourself out and before you know it your body is back in its regret zone. F*ck that. Do yourself a favor and learn how to change the way you think. You are not your thoughts. You are you. A beautiful child of GOD.
  3. Death- Yep. I said it. The ever so dreaded word death. If you actually understood what you were, and had any understanding on psychics and energy, you would understand that their is no such thing as death. What are you you might ask? Well, you are many many things but you at your deepest core is pure energy. That star that is reading this right now, that’s you. That electric star waiting to burst into flames is who you really are. That star that is sitting deep within yourself, beneath all those constant crazy thoughts you may have at times. And what do they say about energy? Energy can not be killed or deleted. It can only change forms. So there you go.

In conclusion, how about you do yourself a favor and quit judging other beautiful souls such as yourself. Become aware of your thoughts and realize that they are not you. Understand that there is no such thing as death. We simply go somewhere else. Now, go out and chase those dreams you used to be afraid of. Go out and kick lifes ass and let’s end this cycle of being afraid of each other and ourselves. After all, there is nothing to be afraid of.


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