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With so many people staying busy and busting their ass on a daily basis it can be hard to form a meaningful relationship with the opposite sex (or same sex, hey that’s your business). We are wrapped up in our careers and spend lots of free time with our friends and family. And when we do seek out for companionship it usually ends up in a nightmare. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Let’s take a look at where I’ve seen most people turn to in order to find a partner.

Social Media Sites

I’ve been on every social media dating site known to man (even granny’s gone wild). Kidding!

In my experience and most of the people I know these sites mostly fail. People are constantly posting old pics of themselves back in their prime and they don’t look anything like their current selves. They fill their profiles with lies looking to build up their social resumes.

I’m not saying that it is impossible to meet that special someone online. I know a few people who have actually tied the knot meeting this way. Just be careful not to waste too much of your hard earned time looking here because most of the people are big giant fakes.


Now this is a fun one. Picture this. You’re out with your girl or guy friends having an amazing time. You notice a person glance at you but you’re not interested. An hour and 3 shots of tequila go by and that same gawker is staring at you only this time they look a little different. My gosh, he/she is gorgeous! Long story short you wake up the next morning with a pounding headache half naked in some strangers bed. Not the best start to a meaningful relationship.

Now these are the 2 most popular places I’ve seen people look. I’ve probably missed a few but lets get to the point of this message.

You’re either single because YOU WANT TO BE or because YOU ARE LOOKING.


For those of you who choose to be single I applaud you. You’re doing you and that’s a badass thing. In my opinion the single most important thing an individual can do is to be alone and find out who they truly are without the influence of others.

You are strong, determined, and know exactly what you want in your life. But be careful!

Being single for too long may get you stuck in your own ways. You’ve become accustomed with doing what you want when you want and the first time something changes you may freak out.

Ask yourself these questions. Have you ever blown off a potential relationship because it was taking too much sacrifice? Have you ever dumped a person because you were scared of the feelings you were having for them? Have you ever thrown out the idea of being with someone because you were scared to get hurt?

I hope the answers to all these questions were NO.

But if they weren’t and you’re guilty of this just keep a few things in mind. Anything in life worth getting takes hard work, patience, and commitment.

Take your job for instance. I bet you busted your ass to get that position and would be extremely pissed off if the bosses son or someone severely under qualified got your position. You worked hard for that.

Don’t be afraid to let someone special in your life. If they have high personal morals like yourself then give them a chance and take it slow. Enjoy the process. After all, love is always the answer.

Now for those of you who are single but don’t want to be here’s a few ideas.

Quit looking!

I realize this is easier said then done but this is what every expert out there recommends. And how can you find that special someone if you’re not looking right?

Instead of looking outside of yourself LOOK WITHIN YOURSELF.

Find that internal badass and realize that you don’t need a companion. Be confident in your own skin and be ok with being alone. Build yourself up so high that it doesn’t matter if Tom Brady hit on you that you would still not settle (that might be a little too high).

Learn something new and grow every single day and love the process. Read books on your feelings and emotions and accept them as they are without being so harsh on yourself.

Do something you love doing every single day and feel yourself in that moment. Go out and do something for the community or the environment and make life long friends.

What I’m getting at here guys is to love yourself.

Set standards for your life and live by them every single day. Don’t let anyone in your inner circle that doesn’t share your similar beliefs.  When you do this, when you take care of yourself and understand your worth and values, that is when Mr. or Mrs. right will walk right into your life.

Humbly written by Chris McDaniel



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