Your Real Hidden Power

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Your Real Hidden Power

Remember those superhero shows as a kid that you would watch in envy and wish that you were them? They wore those awesome capes, had the best lines, and always saved the day? What all of the different superheroes have in common, despite their physical abilities, was their effective use of their hidden power. Some had awesome social skills, and so they could relate to the people they were trying to help on a much deeper level. Some were rough and aggressive, and that enabled them to be able to step in to dangerous situations fearlessly in order to help others. While these people were completely different, they were all able to recognize their power within themselves in order to achieve their personal goals.

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You Have One Too, Keep Looking

Deep down in there, there is a hidden power. You may be an awesome motivator, negotiator, or salesperson. There are a ton of possibilities as to what power you have that unlocks your full potential. The trick to using it is figuring out what it is. Think back to your childhood, is there anything you specifically excelled at? Was there anything your teachers or friends specifically went to you for? Think about now. What skills do you think you have now that unlocks your passion that comes easily?


Write it Down

Are you still not sure? Is your head running in circles trying to nail down what your hidden power is? The best way to get something out is to write it down and feverishly brainstorm. Be intentional and write it down. From there if you are still having trouble, you can even brainstorm with your friends and family to see where your strengths lie.


Realize Your Potential

Having a strong mind is just as important as any other body part. Knowing that even if you do not know what it is you have to offer, but that you do have something, is crucial. Why would we all be here if that were not true? Start asking yourself the hard questions and get down to the bottom of it within yourself.


Use it

Once you know your power, use it. If you are a great negotiator, that is tool in your bag for a lifetime. Help your friends car shop, call your cable company, speak up at your next raise evaluation. You have got this. The same philosophy applies to any other skill. Figure out how it is relevant in your life in order to make it better.


Those superheroes were so fun to watch as kids because we wanted to be them. What no one tells you though, is that you are already one. Unlocking your the power inside you and using it to its fullest potential gives you an honorary cape. You will feel so empowered, confident, independent, and ready to conquer anything that comes your way. Take the time to invest in yourself to really learn about yourself. You deserve your cape.



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